Welcome to Studio Flavia Costa – Customised Brows & Lashes

About us

Flavia Costa has a real passion for the Beauty industry, she has embraced this journey through her fondness to eyebrows shaping. She started as a designer, but it took no longer to become a specialist in eyebrows and lashes. Coming from Brazil, Flavia’s knowledge and working experience in Microblading, henna, tinting and brow restoration was an addition to quickly qualify for her VTCT Level 4 – Microblading and eyebrows enhancement. in addition, she continues her development in the eyelashes industry to complement her skills.

Our commitment is to providing a service of excellence, where customers are placed first and foremost and above all, in order to deliver excellence.

Our opening times are:

  • Monday-Wednesday: 10-3pm
  • Friday: 10-3pm
  • Thursdays: closed
  • Saturdays & Sundays: closed

Please contact us to book your appointment.