Microblading £220 (includes touch-up, homecare)
180 mins
Earn filled and perfectly shaped brows within minutes with microblading. The actual technique of implanting pigment into fine incisions in the skin goes back thousands of years, but gained popularity with embroidery trend in the past decade. Fine strokes done by hand create the illusion of real hairs, the current top preference for brow perfection. *Touch-up required 4-8 weeks after. Homecare kit included in the price for you to look after your new brows

Brow SPA, mapping & shape £20
25 mins
Shaping your eyebrows has evolved past the over-plucking. Sticking to natural features of your eyebrows using brow mapping technique to precisely measure where to begin, define the high arch and the tail. But why not pamper yourself with a cleansing session & stress relief kneading with a pink quartz or a jade roller around the eyes area?

Eyebrow henna (SPA inc) £30
60 mins
Henna brows produce longer lasting results, up to 6 weeks on the hairs, it also stains the skin which is a great option if you prefer a high definition style to your brows without compromising your identity. The service includes the hygiene, cleansing, mapping, shaping & henna application.

Eyebrow tint (SPA inc) £25
15 mins
Tint has become a real trend for the the brow makeup. The treatment gives a fuller look on the hairs which lasts for approximately 4 weeks.

Colouring booster £20
25 mins
Enhance your hair color vibrancy between shaping maintenance appointments with our Colour Boost. If you’re looking for a thicker, fuller brow look, choose this treatment for a quick threading to remove any new or fine growing, usually the excess on the eyelid and colouring with tint or henna. (No shaping included, this is a colour express, ideal for 2-3 weeks after the initial appt)

  • Threading:
  • Eyebrows (15 mins) £10
  • Upper lip (5 mins) £6
  • Chin (5 mins) £6
  • Forehead (5 mins) £5
  • Sides of face (10 mins) £8
  • Full face (25 mins) £30