Facial treatment

Facial helps to promote a healthy & glowing skin while relaxing your facial muscles. Its unique rejuvenating effect aids you to look and feel better.

My Signature Express Facial includes 7 steps of a 35 min treatment: Cleansing, Exfoliation, Toning, Steamer, Hydration or Purifying mask, serum & day cream for skin restoration. £40

Platinum Facial is another offer on the Spa Menu. It is a more in-depth treatment applied on the 7++ method. All steps from the Signature above plus a mini extraction & a Facial massage to reduce eyes & visage puffiness. Immediate results can be easily noticeable especially after the draining technique applied during the massage. It has been scientifically proved to reduce fine lines of aging and swelling. The Platinum facial takes 60 minutes. £60

What People Say

“I had my first facial massage this afternoon and feel not only cleansed, refreshed but delightfully pampered by the amazing touch and professional hands of Flavia Costa. I’ve already booked my second facial with Flavia for having a facial mask every fortnight it’s a great way of self-care and self-love and I really recommend Flavia’s facial.”

Aline Jewell

“The saloon is very clean and neat, it is very accessible to, just 3 minutes’ walk from Victoria Station. Flavia’s room had a warm temperature and relaxing sound track. The facial massage was incredible, allowing me to chill and having a calming me-time – I noticed the difference right away, my eyes’ bags are gone, my skin is smoother and shinier”

Li Grotta